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The following tutorials provide step-by-step instructions for submitting online donations:

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Q1. How can I recover my Church account?  

A1: Follow the instruction to recover your Church account. (PDF) 

If you need further assistance, please contact your unit clerk or contact Jongsathid Veerothai via Line. Scan QR code on the right for support:


Q2. How do I create a Church account using  

A2: Follow the instruction to create a Church account. (PDF)


Q3. How to add my membership number to my Church account? 

A3: Follow the instruction to add membership number to your Church account.


Q4. How long will it take for a donation to be withdrawn from my bank account or eWallet?

A4. Debit cards, Online banking, ATM transfer, and eWallet are real time fund deductions. Make sure you have sufficient funds in your account, or the donation will not be processed. 


Q5. Can I make a donation to the missionary fund of another ward or branch? 

A5. Yes, you can make a donation to another ward or branch’s missionary fund, but you will need to know the unit number of that ward or branch. In the online donation form, go to Ward Missionary Fund category and then click Missionary in Other Ward or Branch. Enter the ward or branch number and click Continue. From the drop-down list, select the name of the missionary. Then enter the amount you want to donate. 

Please Note: Currently you can only contribute to the missionary funds of wards and branches in the country where you make the donation.


Q6. If I make a fast-offering donation online, will the donation be available to assist those in need in my home ward or branch? 

A6. Yes, your online fast-offering donation is handled just as if you had given the donation to a member of your bishopric or branch presidency. 


Q7. Can I use a credit or debit card to make an online donation? 

A7. No, all online donations require the use of an electronic funds transfer (EFT) from your checking account or savings account or eWallet account. 


Q8. Will my bank charge me a fee to process an online donation? 

A8. In general, there are no fees associated with an electronic funds transfer (EFT). However, you may want to verify this with your selected financial institution. 


Q9. Why doesn’t my spouse’s name appear on my donation slips? 

A9. Donations are associated with one membership record number. They are recorded only in the account of the member who made the online donation. They do not appear in a spouse’s account. However, you can choose to include your spouse’s name on donation slips and donor statements. Go to Settings, and under “Preferences,” click the Display spouse name check box. Although your spouse’s name may appear on the donation slips and statements, donations are recorded to individual membership records. In case of your spouse’s death, contact your ward clerk or finance clerk and have him print your spouse’s donor statement for you. In such cases, you will appear as the donor’s spouse. Your ward clerk or finance clerk can also provide you with your spouse’s Official Tax Statement shortly after the end of the tax year. 


Q10. Why can’t I see my spouse’s donations when I log in to the donations page? 

A10. For legal and privacy reasons, donations are recorded under individual membership records. However, your spouse can authorize you to see his or her donations. To authorize your spouse to view your donations, click “Settings”. In the preferences section, check the box that says “Allow spouse to view my donations.”


Q11. Consistent with Church policy, our ward or branch may have a fund-raising activity to raise money for youth activities such as Young Women or Scout camp. Can this money be donated online? 

A11. No, contributions made for fund-raising activities are not considered donations but are considered a payment for goods or services and cannot be completed online. They must be done through your local ward or branch. 


Q12. When I reviewed my previous donations, I noticed I made a mistake and put my donation in the Fast Offerings category instead of in Tithing, where I wanted it. Can I change a completed donation? 

A12. No, completed donations cannot be edited. However, you can print a copy of your completed donation, take it to your ward or branch financial clerk, and ask him to correct the donation category for you on the ward or branch computer. 


Q13. I would like to have my donation refunded. How do I do that? 

A13. Donations are a free-will offering and cannot be refunded. Please counsel with your unit leaders if you have additional questions.


Q14. If I make an online donation on December 31, when will my donation be officially added to my donation records? 

A14. Online donations are recorded with the date the donation was submitted. All times and dates are recorded using the mountain time zone. For example, if a donation is submitted online on Friday, December 31, at 11:45 p.m. mountain time, the donation will be recorded with a December 31 date even though the donation may not be processed until the next business day. 


Q15. Why can’t I set up a recurring donation using the system? 

A15. Recurring donations are not allowed online. You can, however, select a previous donation and click the Reuse This Donation button to quickly make a donation with the same amounts. 


Q16. I have a question about one of my donations. Where do I go for help? 

A16. Most of your questions can be answered by looking at the Answers to General Questions section of the Help page or by speaking with your ward or branch clerk. 


Q17. Why do I need to have a unit number to donate to the missionary fund of another ward or branch? 

A17. Privacy concerns dictate that unit numbers be used for donations to the missionary funds of other wards and branches. 


Q18. What is the minimum age required to make online donations?

A18. You must be atleast 20 years old or married to make online donations.


Q19 I just submitted my donation request and noticed I made a mistake. How can I cancel my donation request? 

A19. No, you cannot cancel your donation request once payment is processed. Please have your unit leaders contact the Church Administration Office to request information on how to proceed. 


Q20. If I encounter a technical issue during the online donation process, will the process be saved and retrieved later?

A20. No. The system will automatically cancel the transaction and will redirect you to the Make a Donation page to restart the donation process. This will prevent errors in processing payments.


Q21. I logged in to the donations page for the first time, and I don’t see any of my donations listed. Where are they? 

A21. Check to see if the Church Account you are using is associated with your member record number. Go to and log in using your Church Account username and password. Click the Membership option and follow the prompts to assign your member record number to the Church Account. You can also check with your ward clerk to see if the wrong donor, such as your spouse, was selected when recording the donation(s).  


Q22. Where can I donate my tithing and other offerings online? 

A22. You can go directly to, or you can go to, click My Account and Ward at the top right of the page, and then click the Donations link under the My Ward section. 


Q23. I’m concerned about security. Is my information secure when I make online donations? 

A23. Yes. The online donation system has been built with the latest encryption technologies and processes available. It has also undergone many security audits and is continuously monitored to ensure that it remains secure. Please be sure to use the most current web browser in order to take advantage of the latest security updates. 


Q24. Why do I see missionaries in the Ward Missionary Fund drop-down list who have been home for months? 

A24. Please let your ward or branch clerk know so he can take appropriate action. 


Q25. Can I add a note or memo to my donation? 

A25. Yes, you can add a note to a new donation or to an existing donation. Simply click the Notes icon at the bottom of the slip. 


Q26. How do I select a different language? 

A26. The donations page displays information in the language you set in your Church Account profile. To change your preferred language, follow this link:  


Q27. Does the ward/branch presidency need to do anything when members pay online?

A27. Donations made through the online donation platform will automatically be recorded in the Church system and no longer requires assistance from unit leaders.


Q28. How do I find my Church membership number?

A28. You can look up your Church membership number online by going to this, or you can ask your ward or branch clerk to help you look it up for you.


Q29. How can I view my donation history?

A29. All members should receive a record on donations as part of the annual tithing settlement with your bishop. However, you can also view your donation history any time by navigating to  


Q30. How do I know if my payment went through?

A30. You should receive a payment confirmation from your financial institutions after the transaction is completed. Once your donation is recorded in the Church system, an additional confirmation email will be sent to the email address you have on your online account.  Please note that any payment confirmation notification from your financial institutions, or the Church, must be requested using each entities’ specific “setup” procedure.  Ask for assistance if you can’t find online how to request this yourself.


Q31. Can I still give tithes and offerings in person to a member of the bishopric or branch presidency?

A31. Yes, you still can give tithing and other offerings directly to members of the bishopric by filling out a paper tithing slip and including it with your cash or cheque.


Q32. Do I still need to submit a paper tithing slip if I pay my donations online?

A32. No. You do not need to fill out a paper tithing slip when donating online. Your donation will be automatically recorded in your Church account.


Q33. How do I make Ward Missionary Fund contributions for a missionary in my own ward or branch?

A33. In the online donation form, go to Ward Missionary Fund category. From the drop-down list, select the name of the missionary, and enter the amount you want to donate.


Q34. Why can I not access the online donations form when I log in to my Church account?

A34. Your Church account must be linked to your Membership Record Number (MRN) to be able to access the online donation form.


Q35. Will I receive a bank notification when my payment is deducted from my bank account?

A35. The bank will send a payment notification email to payer, depending on your bank account settings.


Q36. After I get redirected to the payment gateway, can I still cancel the transaction?

A36. Yes. You can cancel the transaction as long as you have not processed the payment yet. To cancel a transaction, please click the “Cancel” button in the payment gateway.


Q37. Is there minimum amount that I can pay per transaction?

A37. Yes, you must pay a minimum of Baht15 per transaction.


Q38. Can I make more than one transaction per day?

A38. Yes, you can make up to 3 transactions per day.


Q39. Is there a maximum amount that I can pay per transaction?

A39. It depends on the limit set by your financial institutions.


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Please contact your branch or ward clerk, or online donation specialist (if your branch or ward has one) for any other questions you may have.